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Why should I choose Barktown?

Barktown was created by dog lovers FOR dog lovers.   Our mission is to create a fun and safe place for dogs to stay and play.  We are committed to staff education and training to ensure your dog is getting the best hands on care possible.     

How do I become a customer at Barktown?

If you are a new customer, we encourage you to call or stop by to learn about our services and care.  This allows us to get a more personal understanding of what you are looking for when it comes to caring for your beloved fur baby.  Once you are a customer, you can conveniently book all future stays on our website.

Is my dog ready for group play?

We ask that you bring your dog for a full day of assessment for daycare, so we can better get to know them and their temperament.  It is our priority to make sure your dog is enjoying daycare and the friends they choose to run with!  

My dog isn't spayed or neutered... Can they play?

For temperament and safety reasons we don't like to allow unaltered dogs in our playgroups.  If you choose our Active or Top Dog boarding packages, we can customize your dog's stay to accommodate more one on one time with our staff.

Have more questions for Barktown?

Feel free to stop by or just give us a call, 580-319-7400.