Why should I choose Barktown?

Barktown was created by dog lovers FOR dog lovers.  Our belief is that a well exercised dog is a happy dog!  Whether your pet is participating in day care or boarding, they will have the opportunity to romp all day in our outdoor/indoor play areas.  We place dogs in compatible playgroups, taking into account age, size and temperament to ensure safe socializing.  Every wagging tail is monitored and loved by our educated staff at all times.     

What are your services?

Barktown offers overnight boarding year round and dog day care through the week (Mon - Fri).  If you would like your dog groomed while they are with us you may contact our professional groomers, Posh Paws, to make an appointment.  We also offer training classes by Caution K9 Kennels.  Click on our "Services" tab for more details. 

How do I become a customer at Barktown?

Our goal is to make everything easier for the client.  The best way to get your pet started at Barktown is to click on our "New Customer?" tab, fill out our required forms at your own convenience. Otherwise, you are welcome to call with additional questions or visit us at our location.  We would love to see you!

Is my dog ready for group play?

We temperament test all of the dogs to find out who plays best with who.  Though, we do not discriminate, we will not accept aggressive behavior.  If we feel your dog is too aggressive to play with others, we are more than happy to sit down and discuss how we can best suit your dog at our facility.  All of our experienced staff are educated by a professional dog trainer to ensure your dog is safe and happy while they are with us.

What should I bring when I board my dog?

You are most welcome to bring anything that makes your dog feel more at home while they are with us.  Beds, toys, blankets etc. are great.  If you feed your dog a special diet or medicate them regularly, bring all necessary items with instructions and we will take care of the rest.  ALL BOARDING DOGS MUST BE PICKED UP BY 5PM TO GO HOME.  A 25% DEPOSIT IS DUE UPON BOOKING.

Have more questions for Barktown?

Feel free to stop by or just give us a call, 580-319-7400.